Types Of Leather Men’s Leather Jackets

Types Of Leather Men's Leather Jackets

Take the time you need to choose the leather of your leather bomber jacket. Because it’s going to be the best time you spend. This crucial choice of men’s leather jacket will dictate everything from appearance to comfort, through performance and durability so it’s not something you should take lightly.

That said, leather tanning is an incredibly complex process and there are many, many factors to consider. There are many types of leather and sometimes it can be very complicated to choose. We will try to help you with this by commenting on the different types of leather for your men’s leather bomber jacket menĀ and its main qualities.

The First Option

Types Of Leather Men's Leather Jackets

The first option is usually cowhide. Although most leather jackets are cowhide, the reality is that the bovine leather is quite rigid and takes a long time to adapt and be comfortable until you get a little flexible, and manage to move inside your bomber jacket leather with comfort. Being the most economical, it is widely used for leather jackets, although it is really better for more specialized garments, such as biker suits or leather goods.

The lamb is an extremely soft skin, but at the same time very resistant. Being more elastic than cowhide, it is ideal for leather jackets since you will not have to adapt it to you. With only once you put on your mens leather bomber jacket you will see that, if it is well made, it will be very comfortable. Lambskin is the skin chosen by most high-end brands.

  • A much softer alternative is the calf skin, which is flexible and soft, but is very delicate and any scratch or scratch remains marked on the leather jacket. On the other hand we find the goat skin, which is manageable and flexible; it is also very thin, making it perfect for delicate and light items, such as gloves.

The brown leather bomber jacket is lighter than goat or cow, but it is not as strong and is used more in the pilot-style leather jackets we mentioned earlier.